Stress Management By : Ellelin Yap

20 Mar

                 The definition of stress management is refers to a wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person’s levels of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. (N.A) Many people do experience stress if they have a big problem, personal problem or any problem can affect their lives. One good example is stress in relationship. If both sides are not in good terms they will have trials that will cause stress.

Stress Management deals with two different types of stressors. One type is external stressors. These are the sources of stress that we are aware of around us. These stressors are things that create a situation of perceived threat in our minds and bodies. Examples are major life event, daily hassle like arguments, traffic jams, and time pressures, lack of sleep, fear of crime, shopping, bureaucracy, waiting, loneliness, pollution, gossip, relatives, excess noise, inconsiderate people, difficult neighbors, car breakdown, meal preparation, job dissatisfaction, office politics, and problems with children. These are some examples of daily hassle in our lives (N.A).

 The other type is internal stressors. These are the stressors inside us. They are those that have been in our minds and bodies for many years of our lives. They exist in the form of our genetic loading.  Internal factors which influence how we perceive stress include : beliefs, expectations, locus of control, low assertion, low self esteem, people pleasing, perception, perfectionism, personality .Some example that can cause the stress are physical stressors, psychological stressors, environmental stressors , work stressors, family stressors, social stressors (N.A).

For me as a student, I do experience stress after day in life. Any student who wants to excel in their education do their requirements. All parents do expect something from their children. They expect them to get high grades in the test, exam, and quizzes and pass that subject. I get the most stress from group work, because some members do tell that they are willing to help in their group project but they don’t help. You can prevent stress by pampering yourself; enjoying nights out with friends or family. If you don’t have a budget at all, just watch a movie that you’ve downloaded from the internet or just listen to music that makes you feel calm. That’s what I do if I get stressed a lot. Other girls if they are stress because of a break up, they will just eat and eat chocolate, ice cream or any kind of food that they want to eat because food is already a luxury or a treat for a girl who is heartbroken. We know that if you are heartbroken, you cannot heal right away the pain through food. It needs a little bit of effort of from friends to cheer you up and help you forget all about that person you’ve loved. I know my advice is weird but it is proven and tested already by my best friend.

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