The Thing That Pushes you to do IT!

27 Nov

Why are you motivated? What motivates you? Who motivates you?

My blogs was supposed to be done last semester but my laziness got the better of me. I lacked MOTIVATION.

First, what is motivation? According to Wikipedia, it a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviors.

As I was saying earlier, I was supposed to do my blogs last semester but I got lazy so I got an INC for my Psychology grade.

When my parents want to see my grades, I was afraid at first because of the thought that my dad would want me to stop training and playing for the school’s futsal team, and I showed it to them. I showed it to them a few days after the semester started. My mom was the first to know then dad overheard when me and my mom was talking. Before my dad knew about it, I told him that we, the futsal team, were going to Naga for the championships after winning fiesta that we joined in Las Pinas. Going back to my story, my dad overheard us and he talked to me about it. He made me a deal that if I want to go to Naga, I should complete my INC. The thought of not going to Naga was my main motivation to these blogs. I just had to be honest sir. Sorry!

But their were other motivations in my life right now and before. My motivation now until my time comes is to be richer than my dad in the future, so I can provide more for my family and send my children to great schools like Ateneo high school, La Salle Greenhills, and Enderun.

I also dreamed of becoming a professional football player and become the best player in the history of world football. I want to play for my favorite teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid. But I guess it’s too late for me to play for them. But I just need to train well in our practices and hoping that I can play for the national team.

Right now, my “long term” motivation is to be more well-off than my dad. That’s it. Thank you!



27 Nov

How long have you been smoking? A year? A month? When did you start? I don’t know.

I first started smoking when I was in my senior year. After the Christmas party in school, we went to play laser tag, and all. We decided to sleep over at our friend’s house; since, his parents weren’t home,we went to the park and we decided to buy some drinks, chips, and cigarettes along the way. There my friends were smoking, then out of curiosity, I tried it and I felt guilty of what I’m doing to myself but I was like “It’s okay!”

Then came the next day, I totally forgot about the game we had that day. I went home immediately, packed my stuff, and went to the game. As the game was starting, I had a hard time catching my breath then I was subbed out. My parents didn’t know about my smoking habits until the opening day of the NCAA Season. I went home, forgot to fix my stuff, and went to sleep because I wasn’t feeling well. My mom fixed my stuff and she found a half pack of cigarettes in my bag. She told me about it and, yes, she spoke about it with my dad. My parents talked to me and told me to not get addicted to it because I had a history of Asthma, which I got from my dad’s side.

Before graduating, I seldom smoked then college. I took summer classes and every time we had a break I smoked with my classmates then the regular semester started. I have been buying cigarettes ever since. I smoked after classes, in my bathroom, malls, and the nearby sari-sari store, even in my house! Well, of course, I smoked when my parents aren’t around or when they are sleeping heavily.

One Sunday night, I smoked in my bathroom then went downstairs to watch late night football matches. All of a sudden, I felt nauseous. I puked then I looked at it and found that it was red. I was scared because I thought it was blood. Then I remembered, I drank Sting, the red one, earlier that day. I was relieved. Out of fear, I threw away my pack, even though it has a few sticks left. After that event, I tried to quit smoking but I just can’t; so now, I have been moderating my smoking habits, from 2 sticks a day to 1-2 stick per week.

I now learned my lesson. I always put what my parents told about it. Yes, it’s okay for them if I smoke but I should moderate it or best if I stop. That’s all. Thank you!

Courage vs Fear

25 Nov

What is Courage?

According to my dictionary, it is the ability to confront fear, pain, uncertainty, danger, and intimidation. It is the ability to face or overcome what makes us fall, afraid, and weak. In the contrary, fear is makes us cowards.

Have you watched the Green Lantern movie?

For me, that movie taught me to face my fears just like Hal Jordan, the main character, faced the main antagonist, Parallax. Parallax symbolizes fear and he grows stronger every time he feeds on a soul that is fearful.


Just like us, if we get intimidated by it, it will take over, your fear will eat you alive. You will succumb to it, and eventually, you’ll find yourself dead, in a sense that you’ll find yourself being afraid of it the rest of your life.

So, how do we overcome our fears? Easy, face it. Just like how Hal Jordan defeated Parallax. When you see a flying cockroach, get a pesticide and kill it.

Personally, I’m afraid of the famous flying cockroach, ghosts, wild animals, demons, and True-to-Life horror movies/stories. However, I haven’t overcame my fear of True-to-Life horror movies/stories because of the suspense, especially if it’s the kind of movie that has faces that pop up out of nowhere.


I can face this by watching more movies like these even though I am really jumpy while watching.

I also have this fear of my soul going to the Hell. I am afraid of what God will do to my soul when the time comes. To avoid this, I must follow the The Ten Commandments.

We may have different fears, we may have common ones but if we become courageous enough we can overcome anything that makes us afraid.






1 Nov

what is it? hmm? Hypertension is just another word for high blood pressure.

Diuretics are used when one is experiencing an excess presence of water within the body, where these medications flush this out by increasing   urine amounts in the body.Also known as water tablets, these medications are helpful when getting rid of water deposits that remain within the body, and that haven’t been filtered out. It helps combat against heart failure; due to a lot of water present in the tissues, these slows the flow of blood successively through the body. It helps patients who have high blood pressure as well.



how can we have this? 

it is basically hereditary or from your lifestyle. let me give you some examples:

it may be from the genes of your parents and also from the food you are eating daily, stress maybe one of the reasons and lack of sleep. 

How can we prevent it?

we can prevent it by simply changing our lifestyle starting from eating more vegetables and fruits like ampalaya and onions for sauting,  and lessen our intake of fatty and high cholesterol foods like: pork, chicharon, balot and many more. another answer is we should also lessen salty foods because one of the factor of hypertension is the increase of sodium in our body.And last one, we should atleast have 8 hours of sleep and avoid stress if possible always be happy and smile. 


the reason i made this blog is because one of my friend is also suffering from hypertension even though he is still young at the age of 18. also it is our vacation and i know that we are really not aware of what we can get by eating what we want mostly and ofcourse staying late at night, i made this to aware all of you and especially us college students around. 

I hope that you learned something after reading my blog and change whatever bad habbit or unnecessary things you do. And from now on, be a model to your siblings or your friends to have a healthy lifestyle because i can see from my friend that it is really hard having that hypertension.


Aside 1 Nov

Alcohol Drinking

since it is our semestral break, what do you do guy’s? i am sure that drinking is a part. (Alcohol drinking) was invented in the 300 bc in india, it was said to be relaxing and it helps us relax. just for example. after a long and tiring day, it is really fun to grab a beer and talk with friends, also drinking is also a good pastime and a very good way of bonding with friends. and if you really want to get drunk and be wild. go to the nearest store (7eleven) buy vodka etc. and call friends. really simple isnt it. that is the proof that alcohol is really good but  Some are saying that it is a advantage, . But what do you think is the real answer? Is it harmful for us? 


Based on the studies and researches, excessive amount of alcohol  may lead to critical diseases and the worst is  death, there are also stages wherein you can identify whether you should stop or to know your limit in drinking.  But the sure thing is that when we drink a lot. We destroy our liver without even knowing it because we are having fun. i am not trying to stop you guys from drinking but since it has been a part of our lives, why don’t you take a look at this picture below and see for yourself. i also want you to ask yourself a 2 questions. first is should i stop?

second is should i lessen my intake of alcohol?


i am now sure that you’ve already came up with a answer, and atleast now, you are aware of what alcohol can bring us. all i can say is that alcohol beverages or drinking has been a part or tradition and we cannot remove it from the interest of us just because of its harmful effects, what we can do is to control it, instead of going home wasted, i am sure that it is better to go home just tipsy. where you know what you’re doing and you are still aware. in that case, you can be sure that you can prevent those harmful effects of alcoholic drinks.


i can say that this picture at the top is the best answer for the 2 questions i gave you. you dont have to stop or to stay away while your friends are drinking so that you cant be tempted but at least look at the picture, that is it. 




30 Oct

Stress- traffic, having a lot of project, or maybe problems. 

Do you still remember the first day of college, wherein  all our professors instructed us on what students should do or maintain as soon as they reached college, and to be honest, it was somehow stressful. It was because it is a part of being college but the sense that it is hard for us to adjust from being a high school student to being a college student example: you have a lot of time to play and to go out with out having the consequence on having a low grade and projects are given by teachers on a different date.not like at college where you have no time to play or go out and when it comes to being serious on projects.  different subjects with different projects but to be submitted on a same date, really a big change isn’t it?


Same as the adjustment that we need from being a college to the time where we are working seriously, I remember the example that was given to us that;  different companies gives each employee days or free days where they can relax, unwind and put all the stress aside that they got from stress at the work field. That wwas true and has a lot of advantages for them. And Of course  for us college students there is also stress but not like the tress that we will have at the work field, and that is why  we also have the “Sem break”


“burn out”

–  a stage that means once you are in it, you must have a lot of stress in your mind. 

We can truly say that we can somehow be on the “close to burnout” a stage before the burnout. Its simply means we have a lot of stress that we need to loose.  We can go to the beach or spend time watching movies at home. I am sure that after the vacation, you’ll have less stress and we should remember that we cannot prevent stress especially now because we are working and some of us are still adjusting .that shows that stress cannot be prevented by us  but at least we need to handle them, release them out to prevent ”burnout”. 

That is a lesson wherein we are finding ways to release stress or manage it somehow. but for me once a have it, all i do is call my fiends and ask them if we can all go out, maybe  to watch movies or drink or play basketball and i can say that it is really effective. try it!



thanks for reading my blog

Aside 27 Oct

A healthy relationship

Most of us have or had relationships, relationships have ups and down sometime you will fight or argue or sometimes you break up.

I think important factors that make a healthy relationship are communication, time, forgiveness and care. I think these are important ones because they keep the relationship last and healthy. 

Communication is important because when we communicate we understand each other more, and you will get to know more about each other, communication comes in many forms from mail to email, now communication is very accessible with so much technology, it is made easy. Starting a conversation isn’t that hard start with a hi or hello or be random then from there you guys will communicate.


Time, spending quality time with each other makes the relationship strong and healthy, in other way go bonding, go do activities like go watch a movie, and learn something new or visit places like go travel or tour around. I think that the best way to bond is to learn something new because there is an intimacy and you will be able to help each other and work as a team. I great example would be like planting a tree.


Care when you care for your partner your partner will care for you it’s the golden rule and when you care for each you will love each other more. 


We are humans we all make mistakes no one is perfect and it is impossible that you never had a problem. When we make a mistake we must not be afraid to face it and say sorry, don’t make excuses, excuses makes things worse or sometimes it does not help. When a problem comes up we must find a way to solve it. I personally believe that all problems have a solution and the solution is just lying there.